Receiving Techniques for Jo-dan Oizuki attack

In the advanced class, we learned various techniques for receiving and counter attacking a jo-dan Oizuki attack in a yakusoku jiyu ippon kumite setting. The description below assumes defender has left foot forward in zenkutsu-dachi

  1. Taisabaki back leg to the right: Tate Shuto – gyakuzuki
  2. Taisabaki front leg to the left: Right-hand Age-Uke, Right-leg Mawashi-geri, Gyaku-zuki
  3. Front foot to middle: Right-hand taisho-uke, Right-leg Mawashi-geri
  4. Taisabaki back leg to the right: Uchi-uke, Mae-geri Kekomi Jodan – pushing down the opponent perpendicular to their stance
  5. Ashi-barai with front foot, gyaku-zuki
  6. Juji-uke stepping back, rotate stance, hip throw
  7. Left-hand Age-zuki

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