Our dojo now has built a brand new nafudakake, or hanging name plates. We will begin writing down student names in this coming fall season. All students of good standing will have their name on the dojo wall.

The Nafudakake is built using German Beech, in relation to how Sensei Tavakoli spent much of his life in Germany. The German Beech was suitable because it is also a light colored wood that makes it suitable to be written on.

From Wikipedia:

Nafudakake (名札掛け, lit. “name-plate-rack”) is a Japanese method of displaying all the names of the members in a group by collecting the names on individual plaques called nafuda (名札, “nametag“) and hanging them together in a specialized case called kake (掛け, “rack”). Nafudakake can be found in traditional art forms such as chado, in modern art forms such as judo, at Shinto shrines (where they are used to display the names of benefactors) and in some modern organizations such as volunteer fire departments. In English, the term is most commonly associated with Japanese martial arts, and nafudakake are commonly considered an element of a traditional martial arts dojo.

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