July 18, 2016

Training Schedule

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
10:00-11:00AM  Grading: Last Saturday of the month
12:00-1:00PM  * Private Lessons
1:00-2:00PM  * Private Lessons
2:00-3:00AM  * Private Lessons
4:00-4:30PM  Karate Tiger I  Karate Tiger II  Karate Tiger I  Karate Tiger II  Karate Tiger I +II
4:30-5:00 PM  Karate Tiger III  Judo TigerI  Karate Tiger III  Judo Tiger  I  Karate Tiger III/Judo Tiger I
5:00-6:00PM  Judo-Age 4 and up Karate Beginners III  Judo-Age 4 and up Karate  Beginners III SELF DEFENSE (All Age)
6:00-7:00PM Karate-All Age- Beginners I Karate-All Age- Intermediate Karate-All Age- Beginners I Karate – All Age- Intermediate Karate – All Age – Beginner I +II +III  SELF DEFENSE (All Age)
7:00-8:00PM Karate-All Age -Advanced Karate-All Age-Beginner II Karate-All Age- Advanced Karate-All Age-Beginner II  Karate – All Age-  Intermediate + Advance


Tigers Age 4-6 years
Youths (Y) Age 7-12 years
Teens (T) Age 13-17 years
Adults (A) Age 18+ years


Introductory (Intro) Basic techniques and training
Beginner (Bgn) White and yellow belts
Intermediate (Inter) Orange, green, and blue belts
Advanced (Adv) Purple, brown, and black belts
  1. Minimum of seven participants is required to open a class. (Pending: Open registration for this class!)
  2.  Club members are welcomed at any training session.
  3.  Beginners classes start periodically, about every 3 months and will be announced in the News section.
  4.  Children, age 6 years or more, are admitted at Beginner level.
  5.  Exceptionally, upon evaluation of the Chief Instructor, children with previous experience may be admitted to higher levels.

Regular Instructors

All classes are taught by Senior Instructor Sensei Siamak Tavakoli together with one or more of the Assistant Instructors (who may also teach some classes).