Dojo Parents Meeting, October 29th 2016

The next Dojo Parents meeting is tentatively scheduled in January 2017.

The meeting started with few acknowledgments for Aldo’s contribution in building the dojo website, makiwara and the nafudakake.
Mrs. Nishikawa did all the kanji writing for the nafudakake and Mrs. Sunaryo did the English lettering. White and Yellow belts will have their pictures put on the nafudakake at a later date.

Mrs. Nishikawa has also been elected the Katy Dojo PTA.

How to prepare better for the belt testing

  • Please check the requirements for each belt level on the dojo website. Requirements can be found here
  • Test participants are expected to know and are passionate about figuring out what is going to be tested for future belt testing
  • The dojo will print out all belt testing requirements and display them on one of the dojo walls
  • Dojo members need to know and be able to perform on their belt level, including the Japanese terms for techniques, Kata, and Kumite for their respective level

Rules for Tournaments

  • The dojo will hold an internal tournament on December this year
  • For the internal tournament, participants of the same belt level and age will be grouped together, however, this is not always possible due to the limited number of participants. In these certain cases, special consideration will be made and participants might be grouped within a higher or lower belt group.
  • Every dojo member will be able to participate in the internal tournament
  • For external tournaments, only select dojo members will be nominated to participate
  • The main idea for a tournament is to recognize the hard work of dojo members who perform well and also of equal importance, is to be a learning process. Dojo members should learn by watching other tournament participants who are doing well.

Understanding the Dojo-kun

  • Dojo members are expected to know what each Dojo-kun statement means
  • Dojo members are required to write an essay about the meaning of Dojo-kun as part of their belt testing
  • Faithful means to believe in own’s ability
  • Endeavor means to keep trying
  • Seeking perfection of character means finding new things to learn about in everything, including in tournaments
  • Please let Sensei know if dojo members are acting violent at home or school
  • Karateka should never start a fight
  • Refraining from violent behavior is not just limited to physical violence, but also verbal. A parent raised the concern that some dojo members might have been mean when correcting other members that are of  lower belt


  • Parking is on any spot in front of the dojo or other spots where it is not in front of any other businesses in the complex. It is relatively safe as there are cameras that monitors these parking spots
  • It is OK to flush toilet papers in the restroom, but NOT paper towels. There is also extra restrooms near where the mailboxes are
  • Karate will be a part of the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo
  • When 4-7 year old dojo member reaches 7 years old, their next belt testing will be for the next belt after white within the 7-15 belts, which is Yellow with white stripe
  • The 4-5 belt ranking was created because the same expectation of progress can’t be expected from them compared to 7-15 year olds or adults
  • When a dojo member is not behaving on their belt level, they will first receive a verbal warning. If it continues, then sensei will take his/her current belt for 2 weeks.

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