Dojo Parents Meeting, October 29th 2016

The next Dojo Parents meeting is tentatively scheduled in January 2017. The meeting started with few acknowledgments for Aldo’s contribution in building the dojo website, makiwara and the nafudakake. Mrs. Nishikawa did all the kanji writing for the nafudakake and Mrs. Sunaryo did the English lettering. White and Yellow belts will have their pictures put Read more about Dojo Parents Meeting, October 29th 2016[…]


Katy Dojo will offer a new class in self-defense utilising the Kadochnikov Systema. The class will be taught by Mr. Denis Nemchenko from Russia. Training will be on weekends starting from September 10, 2016 Saturdays: 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM Sundays: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM The class is suitable for all participants age 7 to Read more about KADOCHNIKOV SYSTEMA Self Defense class[…]

Receiving Techniques for Jo-dan Oizuki attack

In the advanced class, we learned various techniques for receiving and counter attacking a jo-dan Oizuki attack in a yakusoku jiyu ippon kumite setting. The description below assumes defender has left foot forward in zenkutsu-dachi Taisabaki back leg to the right: Tate Shuto – gyakuzuki Taisabaki front leg to the left: Right-hand Age-Uke, Right-leg Mawashi-geri, Gyaku-zuki Front foot Read more about Receiving Techniques for Jo-dan Oizuki attack[…]